Show LW: (video) how to remember everything you learn

Digi­tal am­ne­sia is a form of for­get­ting what you done all day when sur­fing the web, you may recog­nise this in low sig­nal to noise ra­tio web­sites like pop­u­lar sub­red­dits, 9gag etc. Or for­get­ting af­ter read­ing an ar­ti­cle right af­ter you read it. Digi­tal am­ne­sia can be solved eas­ily, if you are a google user you already are tracked. You can just eas­ily look what the hell you did all day. Akra­sia pulls me into the most easy dis­tract able places.

Meta learn­ing is de­scribed in Bar­bara Oak­ley’s book , but this video does the trick by Will Schoder.


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