Oxford (UK) Rationality & AI Risks Discussion Group

Alex Flint and I are do­ing a se­ries of sem­i­nar/​dis­cus­sion events in Oxford, to which any­one from LW would be very wel­come. Espe­cially as the theme is Ra­tion­al­ity & AI Risks!

They’re be­ing held at 5pm on Satur­day in Ex­eter Col­lege, and will go on through­out Novem­ber. We had over 10 peo­ple last Satur­day dis­cussing Heuris­tics and Bi­ases, and plan to go onto Bayesi­anism this week. They’ll prob­a­bly last for about an hour, though we may de­camp to the pub af­ter­wards to con­tinue dis­cus­sion.

If you’re in the area, you might also be in­ter­ested in the other events run by the Oxford Tran­shu­man­ist So­ciety.