Akrasia is Hypocrisy.

And separating the two is just meta-akrasia, which
is just hypocrisy.
The basic self deception, is that we failed because of some
unknown x, and if only we had factored x in, we
would not have failed.

I claim that x is just our own hypocrisy.
The reason we fail to account for x, is volatility.
The world is a messy place, and our self honesty varies with it.

“But much more importantly: who says that people who claim to care about truth, and then deceive themselves, “really don’t care” about the truth?”

Self-deception:Hypocrisy or Akrasia

It’s not that they “really don’t care”, it’s that their convictions aren’t
stable enough.

Externalizing ‘Akrasia’, to me, seems like a dangerously seductive concept.