Just a casual question regarding MIRI

Cur­rently I am plan­ning to start a math­e­mat­ics de­gree when I en­ter uni­ver­sity, how­ever my in­ter­est has shifted largely to com­pu­ta­tional neu­ro­science and re­lated fields, so I’m now plan­ning to switch to an AI de­gree when I go to study. Hav­ing said that, MIRI has always posed in­ter­est­ing prob­lems to me, and I have en­ter­tained the thought of try­ing to do some work for MIRI be­fore. And so my ques­tion boils down to this: Would there be any prob­lem with tak­ing the AI de­gree if I ever wanted to try my hand at do­ing some math for MIRI? Is a maths de­gree es­sen­tial or would an AI de­gree with a good grasp on math­e­mat­ics re­lated to MIRI work just as well? Any thoughts or mus­ings would be ap­pre­ci­ated :)