Structured Concurrency Cross-language Forum

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There are struc­tured-con­cur­rency-re­lated efforts go­ing on for differ­ent pro­gram­ming lan­guages but the en­tire effort is kind of scat­tered, with­out peo­ple be­ing aware of each other and speak­ing to each other.

If we had a com­mon fo­rum, we could share the use cases, the prob­lems, the ideas and the solu­tions. Each of us, ir­re­spec­tive of which lan­guage they are work­ing with, could benefit from this com­mon pool of knowl­edge…

And here we go!

The fo­rum now ex­ists. Thanks to Nathaniel Smith for set­ting it up!

And here’s my kick-off post on the fo­rum.


Feb 10th, 2019

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