Verbal Zendo

You’re prob­a­bly fa­mil­iar with the 2-4-6 test. Well, I made an au­to­mated ver­sion of the ver­bal ver­sion of the Bud­dhist ver­sion of that. In essence: there’s a rule that de­clares some phrases “have the bud­dha-na­ture” while oth­ers don’t, and you get to keep test­ing ideas against it un­til you’re pretty sure you’ve figured out the rule; then, you can check to see if you were right. If that sounds in­ter­est­ing to you, it can be played in-browser here.

Warn­ing: Don’t let your­self get nerd-sniped. My puz­zles are not op­ti­mised for fun or mean­ing; if you find your­self spend­ing more than an hour or so on this weird toy of mine, just look at the an­swers and move on.

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