Suggestions on tech device/​gear purchasing?

I found out I won sec­ond place in an idea con­test at work and am be­ing granted ~$400 to spend at Best Buy (the web site for any un­fa­mil­iar). Origi­nally, I be­lieve the sec­ond place prize was go­ing to be an iPad, but it looks like they’ve de­cided to just al­low me to pick some­thing in that bal­l­park price range.

I sus­pect there are a fair amount of tech saavy folks on LW and thought I’d in­quire as to whether you’ve pur­chased a de­vice or ac­ces­sory (or any­thing from Best Buy-ish stores) that has brought you an in­crease in effi­ciency, use­ful­ness, plea­sure, etc. The idea of a tablet ap­peals to me, but I’m not en­tirely sure what I’d do with it. Also, a data plan is not in my bud­get, so many typ­i­cal uses are not ap­pli­ca­ble in my case.

Any­way, just hop­ing to probe some col­lec­tive knowl­edge about this de­ci­sion. I’m not very knowl­edge­able on de­vices and/​or how longer term us­age/​satis­fac­tion matches ex­pec­ta­tions or even money spent.

Thanks for any as­sis­tance!