CFAR Reunion

We’re am proud to an­nounce CFAR’s 5th an­nual Alum­niRe­u­nion!

The re­union is an op­por­tu­nity to en­gage with and de­velop new ra­tio­nal­ity tech­niques, meet peo­ple from differ­ent work­shops, con­spire, give talks, and get out­doors. Many alumni con­sider this a high­light of their year.

The Alumni Re­u­nion is an un­con­fer­ence—a chance for our alumni to prac­tice their agency and show­case and ex­plore what they’re de­vel­op­ing and ex­cited about. An ed­itable sched­ule will be sent out some­time be­fore the event for peo­ple to sched­ule their ac­tivi­ties and classes.

Other things at the Alumni Re­u­nion:

  • Up­dates to CFAR’s core cur­ricu­lum

  • A wa­ter­slide!

  • Some in­sight into CFAR’s Tier-II workshops

  • Cir­cles of ev­ery type!

  • Campfires

  • Pair debugging

  • Very cool people

To find out more or buy tick­ets, click here!

Eliz­a­bethCFAR Com­mu­nity Man­ager
Ques­tions an­swer­ing time!

Q1 How many tick­ets are there? do I need to make sure I buy one be­fore they’re gone?

A1 ~175. Yes? How­ever, I would bet some are still available in July.

Q2 I’m about to take on a rea­son­able amount of debt for fur­ther study, with mind to x-risk/​max­imis­ing im­pact. It doesn’t feel sen­si­ble for me to take on un­nec­es­sary debt on the mar­gin; on the other hand, be­ing a net cost feels like defect­ing. What dona­tion would be ap­prox­i­mately cost-cov­er­ing? (also very open to be­ing challenged on my ten­ta­tive con­clu­sion)

A2 If we thought peo­ple would be a net cost if they couldn’t pay in full, we would just set the price to be ex­actly what cov­ers the cost of the in­di­vi­d­ual. Caus­ing our alumni fi­nan­cial pain is harm­ful to the Alumni Re­u­nion. We fully en­dorse pay what you can.

Q3.1 Should we buy two tick­ets if we have a +1?

A3.1 Yes. Also, it would be best for CFAR if you bought them sep­a­rately so that we get info on both par­ti­ci­pants.

Q3.2. If we might not at­tend liter­ally the whole time (since we live nearby and trans­porta­tion is easy, and be­ing at a big party is a lot of work) then are there times which are more in­ter­est­ing than oth­ers, or a pre­limi­nary sched­ule of events?

A3.2 I think this is a mat­ter of per­sonal taste. I’m prob­a­bly go­ing to open it to peo­ple signed up first be­fore I pub­lish it to the rest of the group.
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