Personal Library Management

I’ve just finished my fi­nals, and, af­ter six years of col­lege, I am faced with this fact: I have ac­cu­mu­lated one heck of a lot of books, most of which I haven’t read yet.

An app, or at the very least an al­go­ry­thm, on how to man­age them, make a read­ing list, and go about read­ing them, is some­thing I re­ally wish for, but I have no idea how to ap­proach this prob­lem in a time-effi­cient, pro­duc­tive way, and I wouldn’t want to rein­vent the wheel.

Do any of you have the same prob­lem? What are your solu­tions?

The main post will be grad­u­ally up­dated and amended as the dis­cus­sion pro­gresses.

EDIT: For Mac Users, it ap­pears that Deli­cious Library is a great solu­tion. While look­ing for al­ter­na­tives, I found this web app, libib, which seems very promis­ing.

EDIT 2: I’ve spent most of the day cat­a­logu­ing all of my stuff on libib, which is in­cred­ibly effi­cient… as long as the ISBN is read­ily-rec­og­nized. This doesn’t work so well with rarer books and older books, but they’re a small enough minor­ity that I can del­care a smash­ing suc­cess.

  1. Step 1 was mak­ing a list of all available books.

  2. Step 2 is go­ing to be ap­ply­ing the Univer­sal Dec­i­mal Sys­tem,

  3. Step 3 will be Estab­lish­ing a

  • Read­ing List and a

  • List of What’s Already Read and a

  • List of What Will Prob­a­bly Never Be Read