New SSC meetup group in Lisbon

After years of read­ing Slate Star Codex and LessWrong (more the former than the lat­ter), I’ve de­cided to take a more ac­tive role in the so-called ra­tio­nal­ist com­mu­nity by cre­at­ing an ac­count on Less Wrong and meet­ing peo­ple in real life for whom the Se­quences have been im­por­tant in their crit­i­cal think­ing.

The ideal way for me would be to join a SSC/​LW meetup group in Lis­bon, where I live, but, un­for­tu­nately, there wasn’t one in Lis­bon un­til now! So, if you live in Lis­bon or you’re just pass­ing by, let’s meet and have a chat about some SSC posts or any topic that re­lates to the ra­tio­nal­ist com­mu­nity. I’m very cu­ri­ous to know how many peo­ple read reg­u­larly SSC or LW and how they re­late that in their lives. If you’re in­ter­ested I’m easy to find on twit­ter at @m8pop­kin, send me a mes­sage on LessWrong or send a com­ment on the meetup group.

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