SlateStarCodex online meetup: Integrating evolutionary psychology and behaviorism

Dr. Di­ana Fleischman will talk on in­te­grat­ing evolu­tion­ary psy­chol­ogy and be­hav­iorism.

Sun­day, Septem­ber 27 at 20:30 IDT, 17:30 UTC, 10:30 PDT

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Sum­mary: All of us want to change other peo­ple’s be­hav­ior to al­ign more closely with our goals. Over the last cen­tury, be­hav­iorists have dis­cov­ered how re­ward and pun­ish­ment change the be­hav­ior of or­ganisms. The cen­tral idea of this talk is that we are in­tu­itive be­hav­iorists and that our re­la­tion­ships, emo­tions, and men­tal health can be bet­ter un­der­stood if you con­sider how we evolved to change the be­hav­ior of oth­ers.

Di­ana Fleischman is an evolu­tion­ary psy­chol­o­gist cur­rently writ­ing a book called “How to Train Your Boyfriend” in­te­grat­ing evolu­tion­ary psy­chol­ogy and be­hav­iorism. Di­ana has pub­lished ex­ten­sively on dis­gust, hu­man sex­u­al­ity and evolu­tion­ary psy­chol­ogy more broadly. Cur­rently she lives in Albu­querque, New Mex­ico.