Houston Rationalists Virtual Meetup February 4


On February 4, 2021 between 5:30pm and 8:30pm CST we’ll meet virtually via Jitsi Meet. I’ll post the password to enter that room at about 5:25pm on the 4th.

Topic: Tell us what you’re working on and how it’s going! Additionally, I’m opening the floor to 5 minute lightning talks by anyone who wishes to speak about some topic or interest of theirs, please let me know and I’ll secure that time for you during the meetup. You do not have to give a super well polished talk, it can be off the cuff and the quality-bar is not high. This meetup is a place where you can talk about something interesting to you and receive feedback about that, and practice the art of speaking. Please note that there is no requirement to give a talk to attend this meetup, if you want to give a talk then you’re welcome to, if not that’s okay too!

Come as you are, we welcome all! Unless we are running a workshop (we are not doing that this time), we typically just hangout and have fun discussing all sorts of topics.

If you’re interested in virtual co-working, I’m setting up sessions for that, please send me your availability if you want to join.