[Question] What are some good public contribution opportunities? (100$ bounty)

I haven’t gotten into MSFP or the like, but I like helping with the world’s plot anyway. I’ve won 25$ in the Oracle contest, so I’ve told Stuart to put it towards further public contribution opportunities such as contests. He suggested that I do a small contest myself, for the 25$ and another 25$ from him.

So, selfish as I am, in one month, the 50$ go to the highest-karma answer, and another 50$ from me go to the answer that actually gets me to contribute. (In case of ambiguity on the latter, I try to award the cause of my best contribution. AF karma would be a good measure, except maybe the opportunities aren’t all on AF...)

Examples of where I’m likely to contribute can be found via: https://​​www.alignmentforum.org/​​users/​​gurkenglas

Note how 25$ of prize money turn out worth more than 25$ in your pocket :)

Edit: Contest is over, contestant wins 50 dollars by walkover.

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