BHTV: Jaron Lanier and Yudkowsky

My Blog­ging­ in­ter­view with Jaron Lanier is up. Re­duc­tion­ism, zom­bies, and ques­tions that you’re not al­lowed to an­swer:


This ended up be­ing more of me in­ter­view­ing Lanier than a di­a­log, I’m afraid. I was a lit­tle too re­luc­tant to in­ter­rupt. But you at least get a chance to see the probes I use, and Lanier’s replies to them.

If there are any BHTV heads out there who read Over­com­ing Bias and have some­thing they’d like to talk to me about, do let me or our kindly pro­duc­ers know.