Dual n-back news

A long awaited study on dual n-back has recently come out in pre-publication: http://​​www.gwern.net/​​N-back%20FAQ#jaeggi-2010 (For background, read the rest of my FAQ.)

It replicates the IQ boost, but it’s by the same person as Jaeggi 2008 and has the same issue with the IQ tests being speeded rather than full-time. You can see my argument about this at the DNB mailing list: http://​​groups.google.com/​​group/​​brain-training/​​browse_frm/​​thread/​​c0fe2e1f14b8af06

(Meta: is this appropriate for the discussion area? I know some people here are interested in IQ enhancement like DNB promises, but normally I would just drop this into an open thread as a comment, not make a whole quasi-article about it.)