Is it cool if I post responses/​thoughts as I read through the sequences?

I have poked around here on and off but someone recently led me back to the site. After taking the long break, I am ready to jump back into the sequences but have a favor to ask. Is it okay if I post my thoughts on each as I read them in the comments for that post? I don’t know what impact that would have on any feeds, threads or whatnot. Things have changed a lot since I was last active.

To be extremely clear, these aren’t going to be inherently nice. They won’t be inherent un-nice either but it helps me to process something by responding to it critically. This means challenging it; squeezing it; banging my head against it. I will get a lot of it wrong. My questions may not make sense. I could start mucking up the place with untrained thoughts.

So, being wary of fools, I give you a chance to just nip it all in the bud if you guys have moved on from the Old Posts. I left off somewhere around Fake Morality so… I still have a lot of work ahead of me. If it would help to post a few and then get feedback, that works too.