[Question] If you wrote a letter to your future self every day, what would you put in it?

Sev­eral days ago, I wrote an email to my­self.

That email will now be sent to me ev­ery day.

All it is is a sin­gle draft in my Gmail drafts folder, with the Mail Con­duc­tor ex­ten­sion send­ing it out at 10:00 am. I can mod­ify the draft when­ever I want, each time im­prov­ing it.

Con­sider, with the fer­vent munchk­inry of a fi­nal exam… What would you send your­selves?

(Helpful an­chor point: What would you share with a guaran­teed au­di­ence of thou­sands of co­op­er­a­tive strangers who thought very much—but not quite to­tally—like you?)