Would you like me to debug your math?

At AI safety camp I noticed that people are bad at math and when I look over their shoulder as they code I notice nested for loops that could have been one matrix multiplication.

Therefore I’ll try offering this service to the public: You screenshare as you do your daily tinkering, I watch for algorithmic or theoretical squiggles that cost you compute or accuracy or maintainability.

Maybe some people are less effective pair programming than alone. You choose whether we pretend I’m not there, whether you think out loud, or whether we talk theory instead.

We might learn engineering from each other. I have shown multiple people IDE features such as debuggers, and I still don’t know a way as elegant as I feel it should be to, say, spin up a minimal transformer implementation for tinkering in a few minutes.

If I do this for a bunch of people someone might notice me and put me in an environment where I’m much more productive than now. Not to say I expect you to be well-connected, the time for pickiness is after I have users.

If your workflow is embarassing, that’s fine: You are particularly likely to benefit, and I expect this is actually quite common.

I did Java years ago, Haskell less years ago and Python the last few months. Of course, pseudocode is the real language. Here’s examples of me rewriting other people’s Haskell code: https://​​codereview.stackexchange.com/​​users/​​84131/​​gurkenglas

Schedule here: https://​​calendly.com/​​gurkenglas/​​consultation