Podcast: Rationalists in Tech

I’ll ap­pre­ci­ate feed­back on a new pod­cast, Ra­tion­al­ists in Tech.
I’m in­ter­view­ing founders, ex­ec­u­tives, CEOs, con­sul­tants, and other peo­ple in the tech sec­tor, mostly soft­ware. Thanks to Lau­rent Bos­savit, Daniel Reeves, and Alexei An­dreev who agreed to be the guinea pigs for this ex­per­i­ment.
  • The au­di­ence:

Soft­ware en­g­ineers and other tech work­ers, at all lev­els of se­nior­ity.
  • The hy­poth­e­sized need

Some of you are think­ing: “I see that some smart and fun peo­ple hang out at LessWrong. It’s hard to find peo­ple like that to work with. I won­der if my next job/​em­ployee/​cofounder could come from that com­mu­nity.”
  • What this pod­cast does for you

You will get in­sights into other LessWrongers as real peo­ple in the soft­ware pro­fes­sion. (OK, you knew that, but this helps.) You will hear the in­ter­vie­wees’ ideas on CfAR-style tech­niques as a pro­duc­tivity booster, on work­ing with other as­piring ra­tio­nal­ists, and on the in­ter­vie­wees’ own spe­cial ar­eas of ex­per­tise. (At the same time, in­ter­vie­wees benefit from ex­po­sure that can get them busi­ness con­tacts, em­ploy­ees, or cus­tomers.) Soft­ware en­g­ineers from LW will reach out to in­ter­vie­wees and oth­ers in the tech sec­tor, and soon, more hires and star­tups will emerge.
Please give your feed­back on the first epi­sodes of the pod­cast. Do you want to hear more? Should there be other top­ics? A differ­ent in­ter­view style? Bet­ter mu­sic?