[Video] AI Box Experiment on BBC’s “Look Around You”

I re­cently dis­cov­ered that “Look Around You”, a BBC TWO ed­u­ca­tional sci­ence-themed se­ries from the 1980s1, had on its “Com­put­ers” epi­sode a live-ac­tion AI Box Ex­per­i­ment, in which Bournemouth, what was at the time Bri­tain’s most ad­vanced com­puter, was as­signed to phys­i­cally es­cape from a steel cage. For your con­ve­nience, I’ve ex­cerpted the rele­vant clips from the epi­sode. Watch and see how it turns out!

Link: http://​​www.youtube.com/​​v/​​WCEm96kA5hY

1 Note: The above de­scrip­tion is a lie.