Apply to be a Safety Engineer at Lockheed Martin!

Are you passionate about ensuring the safety and reliability of the world’s most lethal and cutting-edge weaponry? Does the idea of creating technology and then working out its impacts excite you? Do you thrive in dynamic environments where innovation meets rigorous safety standards? If so, you might want to consider joining the team at Lockheed Martin (LM), global leaders in advanced weapon systems development!

Position overview and background:

As a Safety Engineer specializing in advanced weaponry systems, you will play a critical role in ensuring we pass the checks and balances we’ve helped Federal Governments develop. You will collaborate very closely with multidisciplinary teams of engineers, scientists, and analysts to assess, mitigate, and manage risks associated with our most innovative products (however we expect any capabilities insights you discover along the way will be kept from your colleagues).

You might be a good fit if you:

  • Thrive on rigorously testing SOTA lethal weaponry, to ensure their safety and compliance.

  • Enjoy working closely with PR & Comms—as needed you will be asked to appear on various podcasts and give presentations to the weapons Safety community, whom we work very closely with.

  • Have experience in organizations with a flat hierarchy. For example, our CEO works extremely closely with the board.

  • Have industry connections. We maintain close ties with our independent auditors, many of whom used to work at LM!

  • Can predict with 100% accuracy that you won’t ever be interested in moving into different areas of the company. We hire the smartest and most conscientious talent specifically for our Safety teams, and assume they’ll never want to move into weapons capabilities advancement.

Annual Salary (USD)

Multiply the not-for-profit equivalent by 7X.

Join Us:

Apply here by June 16, 2026 (after which it will probably be too late).