Is it okay to take toilet-pills? /​ Rationality vs. the disgust factor

Well, I’ve a chance to prove my com­mit­ment to cold, hard ra­tio­nal­ity, unswayed by emo­tional con­cerns… I’m just not sure which route re­ally is the more ra­tio­nal (as­sum­ing a de­sire to stay healthy).

In doubt as to the most log­i­cal course of ac­tion, I thought I’d get some LessWron­gian in­put. To back up a bit and ex­plain: I opened a pill bot­tle and was shak­ing one out into my hand, and since I’m a klutz the up­shot was three pills in the (thank­fully flushed) toi­let. I fished them out, be­cause these are three out of my last four pills; I take half a tablet a day, and don’t get a re­fill un­til a week from now.

Now they’re sit­ting on a dish in front of me, soak­ing for a few min­utes in 91% iso­propyl al­co­hol. Does LessWrong think they’ll be okay to take? The al­co­hol should kill most germs, but I know it doesn’t get all of them. What about viruses? Should I at­tempt to scrub the tablets to re­move them? I’ve also always en­joyed in­form­ing my friends about var­i­ous sur­faces with more germs than toi­let wa­ter (key­board, phone), but that doesn’t mean toi­let wa­ter isn’t hor­rifi­cally toxic...

You de­cide. I promise to abide by the col­lec­tive de­ci­sion of LessWrong in this mat­ter: should I take the toi­let pills?