Which fields of learning have clarified your thinking? How and why?

Did com­puter pro­gram­ming make you a clearer, more pre­cise thinker? How about math­e­mat­ics? If so, what kind? Set the­ory? Prob­a­bil­ity the­ory?

Microe­co­nomics? Poker? English? Civil Eng­ineer­ing? Un­der­wa­ter Bas­ket Weav­ing? (For adding… depth.)

Any­thing I missed?

Con­text: I have a palette of courses to dab onto my uni­ver­sity sched­ule, and I don’t know which ones to chose. This much is for cer­tain: I want to come out of uni­ver­sity as a prob­lem solv­ing beast. If there are fields of in­quiry whose meth­ods eas­ily trans­fer to other fields, it is those fields that I want to learn in, at least ini­tially.

Rip apart, Less Wrong!