Locating emotions

It’s im­por­tant that we un­der­stand how our emo­tions work. Some­times emo­tions give us valuable in­for­ma­tion, and some­times our emo­tions don’t be­have the way we want them to. A pre­req­ui­site for in­di­vi­d­u­ally un­der­stand­ing any­thing about our emo­tions is the abil­ity to no­tice and iden­tify emo­tions. I some­times find this difficult.

One piece of ad­vice I get is to no­tice where differ­ent emo­tions are felt in my body. A graphic de­signer asked 250 peo­ple to draw where they feel differ­ent emo­tions, and su­per­im­posed the draw­ings. The re­sults are evoca­tive.