AI Safety Reading Group

If you are in­ter­ested in AI Safety, come visit the AI Safety Read­ing Group.

The AI Safety read­ing group meets on Skype Wed­nes­days at 18:45 UTC, dis­cussing new and old ar­ti­cles on differ­ent as­pects of AI Safety. We start with a pre­sen­ta­tion round, then a sum­mary of the ar­ti­cle is pre­sented, fol­lowed by dis­cus­sion both on the ar­ti­cle and in gen­eral.

Some­times we have guests. On Wed­nes­day the 14th, Stu­art Arm­strong will be giv­ing a pre­sen­ta­tion on his re­search agenda in the read­ing group: https://​​­ign­ment­fo­​​posts/​​CSEdLLEkap2pub­jof/​​re­search-agenda-v0-9-syn­the­sis­ing-a-hu­man-s-prefer­ences-into

Join us by Skype, by adding ‘so­eren.elver­lin’.

Pre­vi­ous guests in­clude Eric Drexler, Ro­hin Shah, Matthijs Maas, Scott Garrabrant, Robin Han­son, Ro­man Yam­polskiy, Vadim Kosoy, Abram Dem­ski and Paul Chris­ti­ano. A full list of ar­ti­cles read can be found at https://​​​​read­ing-group/​​