[Question] Can you prevent negative long-term effects of bad trips with sleep deprivation?

The idea is that you need sleep in order to consolidate your memories. If you deprive yourself of that after a bad trip on psychedelics, or after a traumatic event or re-traumatization, the newly formed bad memories don’t consolidate.

I’ve heard that people are way less likely to get PTSD after a traumatic event if they experience strong sleep deprivation afterwards—as has happened to soldiers in war for example. I’ve also heard in conversations that this works in rats that are subjected to sleep deprivation after being put under traumatic stress.

If this were true, wouldn’t this be an amazing hack to make psychedelic trips way safer? Now, I know that sleep deprivation is not easy and very unpleasant and probably the last thing you want to do after a bad trip—but it’s a much less bad option compared to long-term negative effects of bad trips. And uppers like caffein, modafinil or amphetamines would make it easy to do.

I’d personally find it very nice if this option exists as a fallback plan B. For me, it would take away the “fear of fear”, or the “fear of a bad trip”, because I would know that the worst thing that can happen is that I have a really bad time and maybe feel destabilized for a few weeks after, but there won’t be any serious negative long-term effects—because I can always just skip a day or two of sleep afterwards!

Does anyone know if this would work?

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