Discussion Thread: The AI Does Not Hate You by Tom Chivers

This post is provided as convenient place to discussion of the new book, The AI Does Not Hate You by Tom Chivers, which covers LessWrong and rationalist community.

The AI Does Not Hate You: Superintelligence, Rationality and the Race to Save the World
This is a book about AI and AI risk. But it’s also more importantly about a community of people who are trying to think rationally about intelligence, and the places that these thoughts are taking them, and what insight they can and can’t give us about the future of the human race over the next few years. It explains why these people are worried, why they might be right, and why they might be wrong. It is a book about the cutting edge of our thinking on intelligence and rationality right now by the people who stay up all night worrying about it.

Note that the book is available on Kindle only to people with UK/​European Amazon accounts. I was able to order it in physical copy in the US, but I haven’t received a shipping notification yet.

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