Quantum Neural Net and You

Been think­ing about this the­ory for awhile and just wanted some feed­back and thoughts re­gard­ing it.


We are in­deed liv­ing in a simu­la­tion, how­ever, we are self learn­ing AI con­structs within this simu­la­tion. Si­mu­la­tion of this mag­ni­tude would re­quire mas­sive com­put­ing power and re­sources. Know­ing this the com­put­ing power is shared /​ offloaded to the AI within the simu­la­tion. Every AI within the simu­la­tion would get frag­mented data which would be com­plied and re­layed to the cor­rect tar­get /​ host. The AI within the simu­la­tion would be un­aware of this situ­a­tion. As would the AI con­trol­ling the simu­la­tion.

Since nei­ther AI would be aware of each other’s ex­is­tence it would keep both simu­la­tion’s ‘pure’ and provide a nec­es­sary con­flict to challenge the other.