Seeking geeks interested in bioinformatics

I work at a small but feisty re­search team whose fo­cus is biomed­i­cal in­for­mat­ics, i.e. min­ing biomed­i­cal data. Espe­cially anonymized hos­pi­tal records pooled over mul­ti­ple health­care net­works. My per­sonal in­ter­est is ul­ti­mately life-ex­ten­sion, and my col­leagues are warm­ing up to the idea as well. But the short-term goal that will be use­ful many differ­ent re­search ar­eas is build­ing in­fras­truc­ture to mas­sively ac­cel­er­ate hy­poth­e­sis test­ing on and mod­el­ling of ret­ro­spec­tive hu­man data.

We have a job post­ing here (per­ma­nent, non-fac­ulty, full-time, benefits):


If you can pro­gram, want to work in an aca­demic re­search set­ting, and can re­lo­cate to San An­to­nio, TX, I in­vite you to ap­ply. Thanks.

Note: The first step of the re­cruit­ment pro­cess will be a cod­ing challenge, which will in­clude an ar­ith­meti­cal or string-ma­nipu­la­tion prob­lem to solve in real-time us­ing a lan­guage and de­vel­oper tools of your choice.

edit: If you tried ap­ply­ing and were un­able to ac­cess the post­ing, it’s be­cause the link has changed, our HR has an au­to­mated pro­cess that pe­ri­od­i­cally ex­pires the links for some rea­son. I have now up­dated the job post link.