[Question] What would Femtotechnology, attotechnology, yoctotechnology and planck level technology be theoretically capable of ?

In paul davies book “su­per force” there’s the fol­low­ing except

″ Quan­tum physics as­so­ci­ates a scale of en­ergy (equiv­a­lently mass) with a scale of length. Mea­sure-for-mea­sure the di­ame­ter of a nu­cleus (about 10 −12 cm) cor­re­sponds roughly to the mass of the pion. As smaller lengths are probed, so the en­er­gies in­volved start to climb. To ex­plore the quark-filled in­te­rior of a pro­ton it is nec­es­sary to go up to en­er­gies at least ten times greater than the pro­ton mass. Much fur­ther up the scale of en­ergy is the unifi­ca­tion mass, at about 1014 pro­ton masses. If one had com­mand of such huge mass-en­ergy (which we don’t) it would be pos­si­ble to probe the world of the X par­ti­cles, at which the very dis­tinc­tion be­tween quarks and lep­tons fades away. How much en­ergy do we need to ‘get in­side’ the seven-sphere and ex­plore the other di­men­sions of space? Ac­cord­ing to the Kaluza-Klein the­ory it is nec­es­sary to go be­yond even the unifi­ca­tion scale, to an en­ergy equiv­a­lent to 1019 pro­ton masses. Only at this uni­mag­in­able en­ergy would the ex­tra di­men­sions man­i­fest them­selves di­rectly. The huge value of 1019 pro­ton masses is known as the ‘Planck scale’, be­cause it was origi­nally dis­cov­ered by Max Planck. the in­ven­tor of the quan­tum the­ory. At the Planck en­ergy. all four forces of na­ture would be com­pletely merged into a sin­gle su­perforce, and all ten di­men­sions of space would ex­ist on an equal foot­ing. If we could con­cen­trate enough en­ergy to take us up to the Planck scale, the full di­men­sion­al­ity of space would be ex­posed in all its splen­dour. Let­ting imag­i­na­tion have free rein, it is pos­si­ble to en­visage mankind one day gain­ing con­trol over the su­perforce. To achieve this would en­able us to ma­nipu­late the great­est power in the uni­verse, for the su­perforce is ul­ti­mately re­spon­si­ble for gen­er­at­ing all forces and all phys­i­cal struc­tures. It is the foun­tain-head of all ex­is­tence. With the su­perforce un­leashed, we could change the struc­ture of space and time, tie our own knots in noth­ing­ness, and build mat­ter to or­der. Con­trol­ling the su­perforce would en­able us to con­struct and trans­mute par­ti­cles at will, thus gen­er­at­ing ex­otic forms of mat­ter. We might even be able to ma­nipu­late the di­men­sion­al­ity of space it­self, cre­at­ing bizarre ar­tifi­cial wor­lds with uni­mag­in­able prop­er­ties. Truly we should be lords of the uni­verse.”

How pow­er­ful would the abil­ity to change the struc­ture of the space and time and also the di­men­sion­al­ity of space be ? I

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