Criticisms of CEV (request for links)

I know Wei Dai has crit­i­cized CEV as a con­struct, I be­lieve offer­ing the al­ter­na­tive of rigor­ously spec­i­fy­ing vo­li­tion *be­fore* mak­ing an AI. I couldn’t find these posts/​com­ments via a search, can any­one link me? Thanks.

There may be re­lated top-level posts, but there is a good chance that what I am speci­fi­cally think­ing of was a com­ment-level con­ver­sa­tion be­tween Wei Dai and Vladimir Nesov.

Also feel free to use this thread to crit­i­cize CEV and to talk about other pos­si­ble sys­tems of vo­li­tion.