[Question] Do you have a satisfactory workflow for learning about a line of research using GPT4, Claude, etc?

I’m trying to learn about plasma separation techniques, and I just stumbled on a line of papers that don’t seem particularly connected to the other lines of research I was looking into, and I would like to quickly get a sense of what it says without having to go through everything the old fashioned way.

What I wanted to do was use Claude or GPT4 to submit a pile of these papers (the recent paper I found, a big chunk of its bibliography, and a chunk of those bibliographies) and then try asking questions about the body of the research in a way similar to how people do it with books. I have a sense it should be possible to use the AI to create a sort of interactive poor man’s review paper this way.

So my speculative workflow looks like this:
1. Start with the paper I found.
2. Find other papers that cite it or papers it cites.
3. Get pdf versions of these papers via arxiv/​libgen/​sci-hub.
4. Load these pdfs into Claude/​GPT4/​whatever.
5. Have a conversation with the AI about the papers.

Has anyone tried this or something similar, and if so how did it work for you?