Journal of Consciousness Studies issue on the Singularity

...has fi­nally been pub­lished.


The is­sue con­sists of re­sponses to Chalmers (2010). Fu­ture vol­umes will con­tain ad­di­tional ar­ti­cles from Shul­man & Bostrom, Igor Alek­sander, Richard Brown, Ray Kurzweil, Pamela McCor­duck, Chris Nunn, Arkady Plot­nit­sky, Jesse Prinz, Su­san Sch­nei­der, Mur­ray Shana­han, Burt Voorhees, and a re­sponse from Chalmers.

McDer­mott’s chap­ter should be sup­ple­mented with this, which he says he didn’t have space for in his JCS ar­ti­cle.