Formatting issues

On is­sues I had with [this](http://​​less­​​lw/​​3ku/​​choose_to_be_happy/​​39h3) post.

I was ad­dress­ing a post which had num­bered para­graphs, but wanted to break a re­ply to one para­graph into sev­eral while still be­ing easy to fol­low. So I ti­tled each with a let­ter (1.a, 1.b, 1.c.)

What I got was this:


1.b. (should be 1.b.)

1.c. (should be 1.c.)

2. (should be 2)

3. (should be 3)


When I tried re­mov­ing the pe­riod be­tween the let­ter and num­ber (1a, 1b, 1c), what I got was this:




2. (should be 2, al­igned the same)

3. (should be 3)

I can’t figure out how to fix this. Any ideas?

Less im­por­tant:

I started a para­graph with a brack­eted quo­ta­tion [“like this”], and in­cluded a link later on. When I posted, the quote ex­tended up to the be­gin­ning of the first bracket… which ap­par­ently I’m un­able to re­pro­duce, but in any case

[“hav­ing a brack­eted quo­ta­tion”] screws up a [link](http://​​less­​​lw/​​3ku/​​choose_to_be_happy/​​39h3) which comes later.

Fairly easy to fix (swapped the brack­ets around the quo­ta­tions for paren­the­ses) but still seems to be a glitch.

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