Obsidian: A Mind Mapping Markdown Editor

Link post

I just saw this app to­day. It’s made by the same peo­ple be­hind Dy­nal­ist, which is similar to Work­flowy. I know other peo­ple on here have been on a big Roam kick, and I think Ob­sidian al­lows im­port­ing for Roam tags (or some­thing, I haven’t used Roam be­fore.)

I think Eli pre­vi­ously asked for some mind-map­ping soft­ware. This seems rele­vant to peo­ple who want a new way to do their note or­ga­ni­za­tion in a mind-map­ping way.

The screen­shot looks pretty clean:

obsidian screenshot

I’m also try­ing this out, and I’ll try to post my per­sonal thoughts later. They have a pub­lic roadmap you can fol­low. I’ve been us­ing Ty­pora as my ed­i­tor of choice for a while now be­cause it sup­ports in­line LaTEX and a nice mark­down styler, but it looks like adding sup­port for these two things is on the way.