A new rationality YouTube channel emerges


Um: Ex­plor­ing the Art of Ra­tion­al­ity—The Map is not the Territory

Par­tially in­spired by Write a Thou­sand Roads to Rome, I’ve de­cided to launch a YouTube chan­nel ded­i­cated to ex­plain­ing core ideas from the Se­quences, Less Wrong in gen­eral, Slate Star Codex, and other ad­ja­cent blogs and books.

The aim is two-fold: 1) to provide an­other medium for these ideas (maybe your smart friend would like to watch a video, but doesn’t feel like read­ing a long ar­ti­cle); 2) to use the Feyn­man method to bet­ter un­der­stand these ideas my­self.

There is just one short video up there right now, but I in­tend to cover a wide range of top­ics, and will be post­ing more in the fol­low­ing weeks.

Crit­i­cism and in­put is always wel­come.