Rationality Quotes 26

“Poets, philoso­phers, acid­heads, sales­men: ev­ery­body wants to know, ‘What is Real­ity?’ Some say it’s a vast Un­know­able so as­tound­ing and raw and naked that it grips the hu­man mind and shakes it like a puppy shakes a rag doll. A lot of good that does us.”
-- The Book of the SubGenius

“When they dis­cov­ered that re­al­ity was more com­pli­cated than they thought, they just swept the com­plex­ity un­der a car­pet of epicy­cles. That is, they cre­ated un­nec­es­sary com­plex­ity. This is an im­por­tant point. The uni­verse is com­plex, but it’s use­fully com­plex.”
-- Larry Wall

“I can’t imag­ine a more com­plete and pre­cise an­swer to the ques­tion ‘for what rea­son...?’ than ‘none’. The fact that you don’t like the an­swer is your prob­lem, not the uni­verse’s.”
-- Lee Daniel Crocker

“In the end they all moved in fan­tasies and not in the daily tide of their seem­ingly use­less lives. Souls for­ever lost in the ter­rify­ing free­dom of their ex­is­tence.”
-- Shinji and Warham­mer40k

“Thus the freer the judge­ment of a man is in re­gard to a definite is­sue, with so much greater ne­ces­sity will the sub­stance of this judge­ment be de­ter­mined.”
-- Friedrich En­gels, Anti-Dühring

“There will always be some that can­not be saved.
It is im­pos­si­ble to save ev­ery­one.
If I have to lose five hun­dred to earn one thou­sand,
I will aban­don one hun­dred and save the lives of nine hun­dred.
That is the most effi­cient method.
That is the ideal----
Kirit­sugu once said that.
Of course I got mad.
I re­ally got mad.
Be­cause I knew that with­out be­ing told.
Be­cause I my­self was saved like that.
I don’t even need to be told some­thing as ob­vi­ous as that.
But still----I be­lieved that some­one would be a su­per­hero if they saved ev­ery­one even though they think like that.
It may be an ideal­is­tic thought or an im­pos­si­ble pipe dream, but a su­per­hero is some­one who tries to save ev­ery­one in spite of that.”
-- Emiya Shi­rou, in Fate/​stay night
(vi­sual novel by Kinoko Nasu; Un­limited Blade Works path, Mir­ror Moon trans­la­tion)