A short insight I see everywhere

Bar­bara Oak­ley talked about two minds sys­tem (1). In Bud­dhism (Ther­avada is my area of ex­per­tise) we have aware­ness (in­tro­spec­tive aware­ness) and con­cen­tra­tion (nar­row fo­cus). Also this weird fea­ture is a byproduct that hu­mans fo­cused on the ground, and then they diffused look­ing for­ward at the hori­zont look­ing over more area for dan­ger. Also Elizer Yud­kowsky points this out in an es­say. (2) clos­ing your eyes is the best black­hole of ideas you can throw un­til some­thing good works.

“Which leads into an­other good ques­tion to ask your­self straight out: Did I spend five min­utes with my eyes closed, brain­storm­ing wild and cre­ative op­tions, try­ing to think of a bet­ter al­ter­na­tive? It has to be five min­utes by the clock, be­cause oth­er­wise you blink—close your eyes and open them again—and say, “Why, yes, I searched for al­ter­na­tives, but there weren’t any.” Blink­ing makes a good black hole down which to dump your du­ties. An ac­tual, phys­i­cal clock is nec­es­sary”.

Mag­nus Car­lsen did it when he was 13 against Kas­parov. The idea was when he gets stuck he not only solves that but he also throws Kas­parov off. (3)

Not only this kind of think­ing is use­ful, is great for math and sci­ence (for­mal logic even). For fur­ther read­ing well re­searched books:

A Mind For Num­bers: How to Ex­cel at Math and Science (Even If You Flunked …

The Mind Illu­mi­nated: A Com­plete Med­i­ta­tion Guide In­te­grat­ing (Seen it many times on Hacker News, the best de­scrip­tion is “tech­ni­cal man­ual for your mind”)

(1) She called them de­fused , like far apart pong dots, and close and nar­row for tun­nel vi­sion. The main idea is that the book is in­sight­ful on meta-learn­ing. (2) “47. The third al­ter­na­tive” by Eliser Yud­kowsky.In the book “A mind for num­ber” by Bar­bara Oak­ley they talk about clos­ing your eyes and just ask­ing “did that re­ally make sense?” Is the best way to stop tun­nel vi­sion. (3) spoiler: The game ended in draw. Kas­parov later be­came his men­tor. You can find the match by search­ing young Car­lsen vs Kas­parov.