[Link]: 80,000 hours blog

Some of you prob­a­bly aren’t aware yet of the rather ex­cel­lent High Im­pact Ca­reers /​ 80,000 hours blog.

It cov­ers top­ics about how to have the biggest im­pact with your ca­reer, including

The con­trib­u­tors in­clude Carl Shu­man, Will Crouch, Ben Todd and Katja Grace, with an im­pres­sively reg­u­lar up­dat­ing sched­ule at the mo­ment.

The rea­son­ing is ob­vi­ous in ret­ro­spect, but is use­ful to have writ­ten down, es­pe­cially with the re­search that’s gone into the posts. - much like the Se­quences in that re­gard.