EA/​ACX/​LW Belgrade June Meet-up

EA Serbia is happy to announce another monthly event!

June, 11th/​ 3pm-5pm: Monthly meeting EA/​ACX/​LW community, and open to the public so invite your friends (just make sure to RSVP otherwise we might not have space): The two topics for the meeting (we’ll spend about an hour on each):

1. AI Alignment—what benefits we are gaining and what risks we need to avoid.

2. Personal development—mental self-care and how to partly overcome the burnout or treat it.

Our past events have been gathering ~10-20 people, so please RSVP to ensure your seat. RSVP exclusively through emailing Tanya (tatiana.n.skuratova@efektivnialtruizam.rs)

See you there!

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