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Why the out­side view sug­gests that longevity es­cape ve­loc­ity is a long time away and cry­on­ics is a much more fea­si­ble op­tion for those al­ive to­day: sig­nal-boost­ing a com­ment by Calm-Meet9916 on Reddit

Synaptic8 Jan 2021 17:20 UTC
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Why I think worse than death out­comes are not a good rea­son for most peo­ple to avoid cryonics

Synaptic11 Jun 2017 15:55 UTC
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Can we de­crease the risk of worse-than-death out­comes fol­low­ing brain preser­va­tion?

Synaptic21 Feb 2015 22:58 UTC
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Mike Dar­win on an­i­mal re­search, moral cow­ardice, and rea­son­ing in an un­car­ing universe

Synaptic25 Aug 2012 16:38 UTC
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Brief re­sponse to kalla724 on pre­serv­ing per­sonal iden­tity with vitrification

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Mike Dar­win on the Less Wrong intelligentsia

Synaptic28 Feb 2012 1:59 UTC
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Um­bil­i­cal cord stem cell bank­ing for fu­ture med­i­cal use

Synaptic13 Nov 2011 1:41 UTC
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Mike Dar­win on Kurzweil, Techno-Op­ti­mism, and Delu­sional Stances on Cryonics

Synaptic8 Oct 2011 14:45 UTC
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Mike Dar­win on Steve Jobs’s hyp­o­crit­i­cal stance to­wards death

Synaptic8 Oct 2011 3:32 UTC
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Bio­p­reser­va­tion (of the cells of nearly-ex­tinct an­i­mals) in hopes that fu­ture tech can re­store them

Synaptic26 Sep 2011 19:09 UTC
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