Stephen McAleese

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Software engineer from Ireland who’s interested in EA and AI safety research.

Ret­ro­spec­tive on ‘GPT-4 Pre­dic­tions’ After the Re­lease of GPT-4

Stephen McAleese17 Mar 2023 18:34 UTC
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GPT-4 Predictions

Stephen McAleese17 Feb 2023 23:20 UTC
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Stephen McAleese’s Shortform

Stephen McAleese8 Jan 2023 21:46 UTC
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AGI as a Black Swan Event

Stephen McAleese4 Dec 2022 23:00 UTC
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Es­ti­mat­ing the Cur­rent and Fu­ture Num­ber of AI Safety Researchers

Stephen McAleese28 Sep 2022 21:11 UTC
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How Do AI Timelines Affect Ex­is­ten­tial Risk?

Stephen McAleese29 Aug 2022 16:57 UTC
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Sum­mary of “AGI Ruin: A List of Lethal­ities”

Stephen McAleese10 Jun 2022 22:35 UTC
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