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GPT-4 can catch sub­tle cross-lan­guage trans­la­tion mistakes

Michael Tontchev27 Jul 2023 1:39 UTC
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[Question] Do you speed up ca­pa­bil­ities when you do AI in­te­gra­tions and con­sume over­hangs?

Michael Tontchev20 Jul 2023 6:40 UTC
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[Question] Links to dis­cus­sions on so­cial equil­ibrium and hu­man value af­ter (al­igned) su­per-AI?

Michael Tontchev8 Jul 2023 1:01 UTC
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Outreach suc­cess: In­tro to AI risk that has been successful

Michael Tontchev1 Jun 2023 23:12 UTC
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A rough model for P(AI doom)

Michael Tontchev31 May 2023 8:58 UTC
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Align­ment solu­tions for weak AI don’t (nec­es­sar­ily) scale to strong AI

Michael Tontchev25 May 2023 8:26 UTC
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Unal­igned sta­ble loops emerge at scale

Michael Tontchev6 Apr 2023 2:15 UTC
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ChatGPT’s “fuzzy al­ign­ment” isn’t ev­i­dence of AGI al­ign­ment: the ba­nana test

Michael Tontchev23 Mar 2023 7:12 UTC
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A method for em­piri­cal back-test­ing of AI’s abil­ity to self-improve

Michael Tontchev21 Mar 2023 20:24 UTC
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Michael Tontchev14 Mar 2023 22:03 UTC
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