Jameson Quinn

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Prac­ti­cal post on 4 #ProRep meth­ods (Pro­por­tional Rep­re­sen­ta­tion)

Jameson Quinn9 Jan 2021 14:56 UTC
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[Question] How should I back up and redo, in a pub­li­cly-ed­ited ar­ti­cle?

Jameson Quinn28 Jul 2020 19:07 UTC
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[not on­go­ing] Thoughts on Pro­por­tional vot­ing methods

Jameson Quinn22 Jul 2020 2:46 UTC
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[Question] What should be the topic of my LW mini-talk this Sun­day (July 18th)?

Jameson Quinn16 Jul 2020 16:32 UTC
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[Question] (an­swered: yes) Has any­one writ­ten up a con­sid­er­a­tion of Downs’s “Para­dox of Vot­ing” from the per­spec­tive of MIRI-ish de­ci­sion the­o­ries (UDT, FDT, or even just EDT)?

Jameson Quinn6 Jul 2020 18:26 UTC
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Is vot­ing the­ory im­por­tant? An at­tempt to check my bias.

Jameson Quinn17 Feb 2019 23:45 UTC
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EA grants available (to in­di­vi­d­u­als)

Jameson Quinn7 Feb 2019 15:17 UTC
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Does the EA com­mu­nity do “ba­sic sci­ence” grants? How do I get one?

Jameson Quinn6 Feb 2019 18:10 UTC
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A Ra­tion­al­ist Ar­gu­ment for Voting

Jameson Quinn7 Jun 2018 17:05 UTC
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The Devil’s Ad­vo­cate: when is it right to be wrong?

Jameson Quinn15 May 2018 17:12 UTC
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Upvotes, knowl­edge, stocks, and flows

Jameson Quinn10 May 2018 14:18 UTC
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Multi-win­ner Vot­ing: a ques­tion of Alignment

Jameson Quinn17 Apr 2018 18:51 UTC
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5 gen­eral vot­ing patholo­gies: lesser names of Moloch

Jameson Quinn13 Apr 2018 18:38 UTC
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A vot­ing the­ory primer for rationalists

Jameson Quinn12 Apr 2018 15:15 UTC
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