Selec­tion vs Control

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“Selection vs Control” is an attempt to further clarify the notion of “optimization process” which has become common on LessWrong, by splitting it into several analogous-but-distinct concepts.

Selec­tion vs Control

abramdemski2 Jun 2019 7:01 UTC
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Re-in­tro­duc­ing Selec­tion vs Con­trol for Op­ti­miza­tion (Op­ti­miz­ing and Good­hart Effects—Clar­ify­ing Thoughts, Part 1)

Davidmanheim2 Jul 2019 15:36 UTC
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Ap­ply­ing Overop­ti­miza­tion to Selec­tion vs. Con­trol (Op­ti­miz­ing and Good­hart Effects—Clar­ify­ing Thoughts, Part 3)

Davidmanheim28 Jul 2019 9:32 UTC
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Mesa-Search vs Mesa-Control

abramdemski18 Aug 2020 18:51 UTC
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What does Op­ti­miza­tion Mean, Again? (Op­ti­miz­ing and Good­hart Effects—Clar­ify­ing Thoughts, Part 2)

Davidmanheim28 Jul 2019 9:30 UTC
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Mesa-Op­ti­miz­ers and Over-op­ti­miza­tion Failure (Op­ti­miz­ing and Good­hart Effects, Clar­ify­ing Thoughts—Part 4)

Davidmanheim12 Aug 2019 8:07 UTC
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The ground of optimization

Alex Flint20 Jun 2020 0:38 UTC
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Mesa-Op­ti­miz­ers vs “Steered Op­ti­miz­ers”

Steven Byrnes10 Jul 2020 16:49 UTC
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