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PaLM is a Transformer language model created by Google in April 2022. Google claims that the model exhibits discontinuous jumps in capabilities as it scales. The original paper announcing PaLM can be found here: https://​​​​pathways-language-model/​​PaLM-paper.pdf

The Prob­lem With The Cur­rent State of AGI Definitions

Yitz29 May 2022 13:58 UTC
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[Linkpost] Solv­ing Quan­ti­ta­tive Rea­son­ing Prob­lems with Lan­guage Models

Yitz30 Jun 2022 18:58 UTC
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PaLM in “Ex­trap­o­lat­ing GPT-N perfor­mance”

Lanrian6 Apr 2022 13:05 UTC
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Test­ing PaLM prompts on GPT3

Yitz6 Apr 2022 5:21 UTC
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Google’s new 540 billion pa­ram­e­ter lan­guage model

Matthew Barnett4 Apr 2022 17:49 UTC
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