Nega­tive Utilitarianism


Exit Duty Gen­er­a­tor by Matti Häyry

Oldphan24 Feb 2023 18:35 UTC
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De­stroy­ing the fabric of the uni­verse as an in­stru­men­tal goal.

AI-doom14 Sep 2023 20:04 UTC
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“The Con­spir­acy against the Hu­man Race,” by Thomas Ligotti

Callmesalticidae13 Aug 2020 23:01 UTC
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“In the Dust of This Planet,” by Eu­gene Thacker

Callmesalticidae10 Sep 2020 19:50 UTC
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[Question] Why do you re­ject nega­tive util­i­tar­i­anism?

Teo Ajantaival11 Feb 2019 15:38 UTC
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[Question] What a nega­tive util­i­tar­ian think of polyamory?

jrcl3921 Feb 2024 9:32 UTC
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[Question] Math­e­mat­i­cal mod­els of Ethics

Victors8 Mar 2023 17:40 UTC
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