Less Wrong Meetup Group Resources

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Less Wrong members sometimes arrange meetups (or “dojos”) to meet each other in meatspace. Some geographic areas have groups that do this regularly. This page lists tips and resources for Less Wrong meetup groups.

How to Run a Successful Less Wrong Meetup is a extended primer on running meetups, but starting one is actually very easy.

If you are a meetup organizer or interested in starting a meetup, consider signing up for the LW Organizers mailing list here. The mailing list has a thread about sharing materials.

There is also a facebook group for organisers to talk to each other

Most of this data comes from the post Less Wrong NYC: Case Study of a Successful Rationalist Chapter. (For more on Less Wrong NYC, see Epistle to the New York Less Wrongians.)

Organization tips

Meetup activities

Discussion topics

Need help?

Feel free to contact lesswrong user Elo to ask questions about planning or running a meetup.

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