If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Thirty days of instrumental rationality practice.

Key word: systematic.

Ham­mers and Nails

Ham­mer­time Day 1: Bug Hunt

Ham­mer­time Day 2: Yoda Timers

Ham­mer­time Day 3: TAPs

Ham­mer­time Day 4: Design

Ham­mer­time Day 5: Com­fort Zone Expansion

Ham­mer­time Day 6: Mantras

Ham­mer­time Day 7: Aver­sion Factoring

Ham­mer­time Day 8: Sunk Cost Faith

Ham­mer­time Day 9: Time Calibration

Ham­mer­time Day 10: Murphyjitsu

Ham­mer­time In­ter­mis­sion and Open Thread

Bug Hunt 2

Yoda Timers 2

TAPs 2

De­sign 2

CoZE 2

Three Miniatures


Goal Factoring

TDT for Humans


Ham­mer­time In­ter­mis­sion #2

Bug Hunt 3

Yoda Timers 3: Speed

TAPs 3: Reductionism

De­sign 3: Intentionality

CoZE 3: Empiricism


In­ter­nal Dou­ble Crux

Re­duc­tion­ism Revisited

The Strate­gic Level

Ham­mer­time Fi­nal Exam

Ham­mer­time Postmortem