The Craft and the Community

Discusses rationality groups and group rationality, raising the questions:

  • Can rationality be learned and taught?

  • If so, how much improvement is possible?

How can we be confident we’re seeing a real effect in a rationality intervention, and picking out the right cause?

  • What community norms would make this process of bettering ourselves easier?

  • Can we effectively collaborate on large-scale problems without sacrificing our freedom of thought and conduct?

Above all: What’s missing? What should be in the next generation of rationality primers—the ones that replace this text, improve on its style, test its prescriptions, supplement its content, and branch out in altogether new directions?

Rais­ing the San­ity Waterline

A Sense That More Is Possible

Epistemic Viciousness

Schools Pro­lifer­at­ing Without Evidence

3 Levels of Ra­tion­al­ity Verification

Why Our Kind Can’t Cooperate

Tol­er­ate Tolerance

Your Price for Joining

Can Hu­man­ism Match Reli­gion’s Out­put?

Church vs. Taskforce

Ra­tion­al­ity: Com­mon In­ter­est of Many Causes

Hel­pless Individuals

Money: The Unit of Caring

Pur­chase Fuzzies and Utilons Separately

By­s­tan­der Apathy

Col­lec­tive Apa­thy and the Internet

In­cre­men­tal Progress and the Valley

Bayesi­ans vs. Barbarians

Be­ware of Other-Optimizing

Prac­ti­cal Ad­vice Backed By Deep Theories

The Sin of Underconfidence

Go Forth and Create the Art!